Unit 8: What is Social Media and Entertainment?

Social Media and Entertainment can be one in the same sometimes. However this could also mean the same thing in the opposite direction. Social Media is the interaction between others across the web between friends and family or just complete strangers. It’s also when people create things, and share information and new. This also includes the shows on television and information in newspapers. Entertainment can also be found using all of the things mentioned. Media outlets, such as magazines and television have programs and entries made for the purpose of only entertainment. And Entertainment can also be used to give or gain specific information. But my question is where do these to things meet and where do they break away? Is that possible and why may it be or not be?

Entertainment and Social Media are very similar things and may be hard to break apart but sometimes I think the two mix in places that they shouldn’t. For example, in the local news. I understand the need for the media to meet the social connections with the audience but I feel like something are not important for news. Stories of entertainment are thing like gossip about famous people or news about stuff that would be better suited on a show for mainly entertainment. I personally think that the media is getting to much into the entertainment factor of social media and paying less attention to the information part. The focus is all about pulling the viewers yes, but somethings aren’t important enough to considered something that should be shown and discussed to me if the show or media outlet isn’t mainly on entertainment.

Unit 2

My thoughts on the class so far are not anything special. To be honest it seems like any other class really. It’s pretty odd because I have three media classes and it gets confusing sometimes, also when you have the same teacher for two of the classes. As for blogging I have little experience with this. And I really can’t see it as something to get used to quickly.